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Vital Imaging Advances in Platelet Rich Plasma

Vital Imaging Utilizing new PRP procedure

vital imaging prpPlatelet Rich Plasma Therapy…… hope for the hopeless and a promising scientific research that can ease the life of many……

Research has been ongoing for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for years. It is fast becoming a very popular mode of treatment for patients with orthopedic injuries.

It’s a new procedure based on the idea of injecting people with their own blood. Centrifuging the blood to the extent that its mostly platelets that release substances or growth factors that help repair tissues. The treatment is being extended to many uses like treating muscle sprains , tendon pulls and tears, arthritis, bone fractures , surgical wounds etc etc. It is being successfully used to enhance surgical outcomes in maxillofacial, cosmetic, spine, orthopedic & podiatric surgery.

So far ultrasound studies before and after PRP has shown that tissue is healing. Vital Imaging is now participating in the study to help farther this research and show the healing tissue , pre & post PRP therapy via MR imaging and help answer , the unanswered.

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