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Vital Imaging Upgrades Technology

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

banner_homeWith this delicate economy, many companies have made huge cutbacks and sacrificed new purchases in order to keep their business afloat. Doing so has helped many businesses survive, but it has also hurt the quality of service given to customers. Vital Imaging, however, is committed to delivering first-class medical equipment along with groundbreaking technology services—that’s why we recently raised the bar in diagnostic imaging by upgrading existing technology and purchasing new equipment.

Vital Imaging is the nation’s forefront provider of radiology and orthopedic diagnostics. We strive to continuously raise the healthcare industry standard by making consistent improvements and significant upgrades to our equipment and technology advancements.

“Our first priority is to fund and continue independent research that forms our decisions, such as our current weight bearing MRI project with USCD and the U.S. Marines,” said CMO Dr. Sana Khan. “We are purchasing equipment that is consistent with the advances we have made with respect to our research.”

Vital Imaging is known for its state-of-the-art imaging centers. Some of our significant purchases include Dynawell® weight bearing devices, digital x-ray machines, and—our most recent purchase—ultrasound machines.

“Ultrasound technology is the spell-checker of radiology. Without making advances in this crucial area, you are potentially missing out on a vast amount of possibilities,” said CEO Sam Solakyan.

Vital Imaging’s instinctive ability to always be a step ahead has led the company to enjoy a competitive advantage in the medical technology industry. The successful imaging company is paving the way for further advancements in medical technology that will further benefit their present and future clients. Offering breakthrough technological efficiencies is just one key to Vital Imaging’s success.

Vital Imaging Receives Official IRB

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Vital Imaging Receives Official IRBIn 2011, the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA authorized an IRB for human research to the laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Wang, Chief of Orthopedic Spin Surgery at UCLA, and Dr. Sana Khan, Chief Medical Officer of Vital Imaging.

As one of our country’s most respected physicians, Dr. Wang specializes in providing surgical treatment for neck and back disorders. He operates a cutting-edge science laboratory in one of the best medical institutes in the United States.

Dr. Khan is one of the nation’s most accomplished radiologists. He is an expert in accurate diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries and has established some of the country’s most advanced medical diagnostic centers.

Dr. Wang and Dr. Khan have worked together on numerous research projects, resulting in the publication of over fifteen articles in various medical journals. The approval of the IRB allowed the doctors to work on multiple projects concurrently and offered an opportunity to further their research in the MRI field.

Vital Imaging is the largest MRI provider in the state of California and is quickly becoming the nation’s leading medical diagnostic company. Working with UCSD and the U.S. Navy, Vital Imaging is blazing a trail in MRI research. Vital has also provided countless detailed pathology reports, which incorporate impairment factors based on the AMA Guides.

Recently, Vital Imaging has made a few noteworthy equipment purchases. Vital bought multiple DynaWell® weight bearing devices and DR (Digital) X-ray units to provide the referred physicians with state-of-the-art imaging performance and web-based image delivery. These significant purchases are furthering Vital’s goal of providing absolute accurate diagnoses of a patient’s injury, thereby benefiting patients, doctors, attorneys, insurance companies, and the courts.

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