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Vital Imaging at CAAA’s Winter 2013 Convention – San Diego, CA

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

sam solakyan ca vital imaging team

Sam Solakyan CA Applicant Attorney Association’s Winter 2013

As a proud sponsor of California Applicant Attorney Association’s Winter 2013 Convention, the Vital Imaging staff had a blast this past January in San Diego! It was great to see so many familiar faces, connect with old friends and colleagues, as well as make some new acquaintances. Some of the booths really brought it this year– especially Allied Medical Group and their delicious mochas! We want to thank the folks at CAAA, especially Isabel Pires, for all of their hard work in preparing such a great venue for us to promote ourselves and learn from all of the attendee’s and exhibitors!

We hope that you had a chance to attend the convention and were able to stop by the Vital Imaging booth and get a free massage. Be sure to pay us a visit this summer at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! Are you as excited as we are?

Sam Joins The DEA Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
Sam Solakyan

Sam Joins The DEA Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Sam Solakyan, Global Holdings CEO, has been asked to join the DEA Educational Foundation’s prestigious Board of Directors. He traveled to Washington, D.C. last November to meet with department heads from the DEA, CIA, FBI, and the White House, where he was given a tour of their respective headquarters.

“After a tour like that, I was both excited and honored by the proposal to join the Board. ‘When and where can I jump in?’ was my first thought,” said Sam.


Good Samaritan Sam Solakyan helps Boy Facing Amputation

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
Sam Solakyan

Sam Solakyan makes Donation

Ethan Perez was nervous about having one of his legs amputated because of a vascular condition so his parents bought him a very special scooter as a reward for after the surgery. Unfortunately, not long after, the family’s home was burglarized and Ethan’s family lost a lot of their electronics, as well as Ethan’s scooter.

The family was devastated with this loss. Not only did they lose thousands of dollars worth of electronics, but they also lost Ethan’s special gift to help him cope the loss of his leg.

After hearing about this tragic story, a generous teacher replaced the scooter. Ethan was so excited to have his scooter back and the family was ready to try to get back to their normal lives, sans electronics.

Then, soon after, they got a phone call from two individuals they’d never met before. Good Samaritan Sam Solakyan and Alex Ghazarian saw the story online and wanted to help out. They told the family to email them a list of what they’d lost in the burglary and what they wanted to replace it with.

After giving the family some time to think about it, Sam and Alex went out and bought every item that was on the list. The family was so amazed at the generosity and kindness these two strangers bestowed upon them in their time of need.

“Amazing. Speechless. Best day of my life,” Ethan said in an interview with a local news station.

Sam and Alex weren’t interested in the publicity or praise they received for this kind act of service. They simply saw an opportunity to help and jumped at the chance.

“I felt terrible about it—about the things he has to go through already and now it’s multiplied by such a tragic incident. I wanted to do whatever little bit I can to help out,” Sam said in an interview.

Helping A Woman In Need

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Global Holdings sam solakyan philanthropyGlobal Holding’s CEO, Sam Solakyan, strives to give back to the community in any way he can. He knows how important it is to help those who have struggled to get by have an opportunity to succeed in life. So when Sam heard about a woman who was trying to raise six children under the age of nine on her own, he knew a simple gesture of kindness could go a long ways for this woman.

This mother worked hard to take good care of her six small children in Orange County. Every morning she’d make two separate trips to get her six children to school with her three-passenger car. Her car was in constant need of repair and it took a lot of time to take her children to their different schools each day. Also, because of state budget cuts, her children were placed in schools farther from home, making her morning drop offs longer and harder.

Sam teamed up with Dr. Sana Khan, Chief Medical Officer, to give this self-sacrificing woman a van so she could take her children to school in one trip. This van has not only made life easier on this family but has also given them more stability in life. When you’re struggling just to make ends meets, it can make a world of difference to have something stable in your life. The van has helped this woman cut her morning drop offs in half, allowing her to focus more on providing for her family and taking some time for herself.

“I knew we had to step up to the plate and help,” Sam said. “I have so much respect for this individual who is raising six children on her own. Donating a van was the least Vital could do.”

Sam worked with Uplift Charity to help this woman out. This charity endeavors to provide assistance to the most vulnerable members within California, with the hope of helping them become more self-sufficient members in the community.

Read More Here: Sam Solakyan Donates Van to Woman in Need.

Sam Solakyan Supports LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
Sam Solakyan supports Jackie Lacey

Sam Solakyan and Jakie Lacey listen to attorney Steven Bernheim speak at a ‘meet and greet’ fundraiser.

In December 2012, Jackie Lacey was sworn in as Los Angeles County’s first female and first African American district attorney. She is now in command of the largest local prosecutorial office in the nation and the most powerful in the county’s criminal justice system—with roughly 60,000 felony cases being prosecuted each year.

Yet, as powerful as she is now, Lacey came from very humble beginnings. She was born in the South but her parents eventually moved to California to escape racial prejudices. Her mother never finished high school and her dad eventually attended a junior college, but Lacey’s father instilled in his girls the importance of a college degree.

“With [his] girls, it was, ‘I want you to have an education because I want you to be able to take care of yourselves.’ So for us it was not ‘Are you going to college?’ but ‘You will go to college,’” Lacey explained in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.