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Sam Solakyan Supports Wendy Greuel for Mayor

Wendy Greuel

Sam Sollakyan supports Wendy Greuel

Wendy Greuel has pledged to be a mayor for all of Los Angeles, and she is traveling to neighborhoods in every part of the city to talk to voters about the future of LA and to encourage people to vote. “This is a crucial election, and I’m thrilled to see so many Angelenos who are enthusiastic about voting and are joining our campaign to change Los Angeles. I’ll be a mayor for all of Los Angeles… we’re talking to Angelenos in every neighborhood and community in the city about how we can create jobs, reform our schools, improve our transportation and root out waste in government,” Greuel said. “As someone who won their first election by 225 votes, I know how important it is to reach out to as many people as possible and encourage everyone to take part in the civic process.”

Sam Solakyan has been a fan of the City Controller for years and was a volunteer for her City Council campaign in 2002. He has followed her career and her efforts to uncover millions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse in government so we can spend that money on our libraries, roads and police officers. Sam supports Wendy because she is fighting for communities across Los Angeles. Wendy is focused on attracting jobs and businesses to Los Angeles, reforming our schools so every child in LA has a chance to succeed, continuing to crack down on waste in government, and keeping our neighborhoods and streets safe.

“Sam is a great friend who has supported the causes and issues that I work to bring to light every day. He is a strong supporter who has worked hard to raise awareness about the big issues facing the city like our economy, education and transportation. I am so thankful for all of his confidence and hard work for my campaign,” Greuel said.

Please join Sam in his support of our city by voting in May! There has been a projected all-time low turnout for this election even though there has never been a more important time in Los Angeles to vote. So much is at stake for our economy, schools, and the safety of our neighborhoods. Please do your research and have a look at Wendy’s web page if you want to know more about her plans for the city:

And if you wish to support Wendy’s campaign, we also encourage you to do so:

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