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Introducing Our CEO Sam Solakyan

CEO sam solakyan

Sam Solakyan, CEO

When Sam Solakyan was 14 years old, he told his father he wanted to start his own business. His father, who had emigrated his family from Armenia eight years prior, worked as a musician. Though he knew little about business, he helped his son rent a booth next to a pager shop where he repaired computers.

A few years later, Sam commercialized the flame retardant his high school chemistry class developed and made a good profit with the MGM Casino in Las Vegas counted amongst his clients.

At the age of 21, he created Global Healthcare Solutions, a medical consulting and marketing firm. Through Global Holdings, Inc. Sam has established, acquired, and maintained several thriving medical technology companies, including: Paramount Management Services, Global Pharmaceuticals, Vital Imaging, and Vital Medial Services.

When he’s not managing his entrepreneurial endeavors, Sam loves giving back to the community in any way he can. He currently sits on various corporate boards and has donated time and money to numerous institute endowments.

Sam is especially passionate about helping the Armenian community as well. He is one of the main financial contributors for the Zvartnots Dance Ensemble, has established numerous scholarships for Armenian college students, and contributed to the annual Armenia Fund, Inc. Telethon.

Sam is the proud father of two adorable twin sons and is still deeply in love with his beautiful wife, Susanna.

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