Sam Solakyan

Good Samaritan Sam Solakyan helps Boy Facing Amputation

Sam Solakyan

Sam Solakyan makes Donation

Ethan Perez was nervous about having one of his legs amputated because of a vascular condition so his parents bought him a very special scooter as a reward for after the surgery. Unfortunately, not long after, the family’s home was burglarized and Ethan’s family lost a lot of their electronics, as well as Ethan’s scooter.

The family was devastated with this loss. Not only did they lose thousands of dollars worth of electronics, but they also lost Ethan’s special gift to help him cope the loss of his leg.

After hearing about this tragic story, a generous teacher replaced the scooter. Ethan was so excited to have his scooter back and the family was ready to try to get back to their normal lives, sans electronics.

Then, soon after, they got a phone call from two individuals they’d never met before. Good Samaritan Sam Solakyan and Alex Ghazarian saw the story online and wanted to help out. They told the family to email them a list of what they’d lost in the burglary and what they wanted to replace it with.

After giving the family some time to think about it, Sam and Alex went out and bought every item that was on the list. The family was so amazed at the generosity and kindness these two strangers bestowed upon them in their time of need.

“Amazing. Speechless. Best day of my life,” Ethan said in an interview with a local news station.

Sam and Alex weren’t interested in the publicity or praise they received for this kind act of service. They simply saw an opportunity to help and jumped at the chance.

“I felt terrible about it—about the things he has to go through already and now it’s multiplied by such a tragic incident. I wanted to do whatever little bit I can to help out,” Sam said in an interview.

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