Sam Solakyan

Global Holdings CEO Sam Solakyan Appoints former DA as Legal Counsel

BossSteve Cooley, former District Attorney for Los Angeles County, has accepted the position of Chief Legal Counsel with Global Holdings, Inc. Cooley has been a good friend of our CEO, Sam Solakyan, for many years and we are excited to welcome him to our team.

“I have been fortunate to call Sam my friend for several years now and have watched his accomplishments in both the business and philanthropic arenas with great pride. I am honored to work with him,” said Cooley.

With his strong leadership and wealth of experience, Cooley will be a strong asset to Global Holdings. He started off as a law clerk in 1973, and worked his way up the ranks for 27 years until he was elected to the office of District Attorney with two-thirds of the vote. As the LA District Attorney, Cooley’s leadership and innovative contributions helped the department become the nation’s largest prosecutorial agency. His determination and hard work throughout the years has earned him several awards and commendations.

After serving as LA District Attorney for three consecutive terms, Cooley announced his retirement in 2011. But, because of their friendship and out of respect for Sam Solakyan, Cooley graciously accepted the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise with the Global team.

“I have admired him for many years and his career has had a huge influence on me, and in fact inspired me to become a reserve duty peace officer,” said Sam Solakyan. “I hope his presence here will have the same influence on the entire Global team. Just being around him drives you to be a more effective leader.”

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